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Vaultex always puts SAFETY as our priority for customers who need high-quality, comfortable safety protection products.

Vaultex is a leading brand and manufacturer of safety footwear dedicated to delivering the finest products with exceptional comfort and cutting-edge design. Since its establishment in 2010, prioritizing safety and quality, Vaultex has earned a solid reputation in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) technology industry.

Our Mission:

Through constant technical innovation, Vaultex is committed to providing qualified and comfortable safety shoes, to reduce physical foot injuries caused by accidents, and chronic foot diseases caused by long-term work.

Our Vision:

Vaultex is committed to being one of the leading worldwide safety shoes suppliers. Bring safety, health, and hope to hard-working workers.

Our Values:

Worker Safety-Oriented, Worker Health-Oriented, Improve quality and fitting level through constant technical innovation.

There is a safety shoe brand named Vaultex, and its brand story begins with a profound concern for worker safety and an unwavering pursuit of quality.

The founder, David, was an engineer who had firsthand witnessed the risks faced by workers in hazardous environments at construction sites and factories. He saw many workers getting injured due to low-quality safety shoes, which deeply saddened and angered him. Therefore, he decided to take action.

David understood the critical importance of safety shoes for workers, so he set out to establish his own brand. He named it "Vaultex," signifying protection and safeguard, symbolizing his commitment and determination to worker safety.

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, David faced significant challenges. There were shortages of funds, technical deficiencies, and intense market competition, almost leading him to give up. However, his belief kept him going. He tirelessly searched for suitable materials and production techniques, constantly testing and improving products to ensure that each pair of shoes could provide the highest quality protection.

After years of hard work, Vaultex finally launched its first safety shoe. These shoes not only boasted a stylish appearance but were also sturdy and durable, meeting the highest safety standards. Workers wearing Vaultex safety shoes experienced unprecedented comfort and protection, quickly earning the brand recognition and praise in the market.

However, David was not content with just that. He continued to introduce new products and improve technology, striving to make Vaultex the industry leader. He embedded the brand philosophy into every detail, integrating safety and comfort into each pair of shoes, consistently committed to providing workers with the highest quality safety footwear. Today, Vaultex has become a trusted brand among workers.

Their story inspires people, highlighting the importance of steadfast commitment to quality and continuous innovation on the path to building a truly great brand. Behind every pair of shoes lies a story of safety and responsibility, driving Vaultex forward. Only by adhering to quality and innovation can a truly great brand be achieved.

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